The Kit II-The Nomad (1-2 People)

Global Odyssi Manual

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The Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kit II is an enhanced version of our original kit with extra essentials added for the extreme surf traveler. In The Kit II, we added a suture syringe medic kit, 3 packets of Oral Rehydration Salts, 1 bottle of 50 Water Purification Tablets, 1 bottle of Wound Seal Powder® (topical powder that forms a seal/scab over a bleeding wound), 2 – 50” Rolls of Duct Tape, 1 – 3oz. tube of Headhunter Rash Guard and doubled the amount of fluid replacement tabs. All packed neatly in a Mountain Smith Swift TLS Lumbar Pack , that’s water proof, rugged and compact.

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Why do you need the Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kit?

Because you never know what may happen. Tropical waters carry higher levels of bacteria than cooler water. This means that infections can occur very rapidly, even on the smallest of wounds. They should be treated immediately and constantly monitored for signs of infection.

Don’t let injury or illness keep you out of the water. The last thing you want to be doing on your surf trip is sitting on the beach watching the waves, instead of surfing them.

Our Surfers First Aid Kits have supplies you won’t find in any other surf or traveler first aid kit:

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel (3x faster healing than regular antibiotic creams, antifungal)

Surfers Salve (soothes sunburns, minor rashes, bug bites, chapped lips and dry skin)

Povidone Iodine Wipes (antiseptic for infections and reef cuts, inhibits bacteria growth)

Motion Sickness Tabs (for boat or airline trips)

Anti-Diarrhea Tabs

Electrolyte Tabs (help minimize fatigue and prevent muscle cramps and heat exhaustion)

HAMMER HEED SPORTS DRINK Packets (electrolyte sports drink)

Vinegar Packets (treats a variety of stings and bites)

Biolife Wound Seal Powder (topical powder that forms a seal over a bleeding wound)

Water Packets (when water isn’t available, can be used for consumption or wound cleaning)

- *Suture/Syringe Medic Kit (some wounds require stitches in locations where sterile supplies do not exist)

- *Oral Rehydration Salts (replaces fluids and electrolytes lost during diarrhea and heat illnesses, vomiting and heavy exercise)

- *Water Purification Tablets (kills bacteria, viruses, giardia to make water suitable for drinking)

- *Headhunter Rash Guard (prevents and treats skin irritation due to: wetsuit rash, pit & neck rash, trunk rash, and skin on skin irritation)

- *2 Rolls of Duct Tape (because duct tape fixes everything!)

Global Odyssi First Aid Manual (Our Medical Doctor approved 25 page guide for surf related injuries)

*Nomad Kit Only

Putting one together on your own costs more than what we charge, trust us, we have been there already.

1 Mountain Smith SwiftTLS Lumbar Pack with the Global Odyssi logo made from recycled PET (3 colors to choose from – Red, Black and Grey)

Bag Features:

  • Removable 3/4 inch shoulder strap
  • Pivoting front panel shove-it pocket
  • Side mesh pockets fit up to 20 oz. bottles
  • Delta Compression System load levelers
  • Airflow waistbelt
  • Lumbar Control Point™ pad
  • Fleece velour lined pocket fits iPhone and MP3 players
  • Front panel pocket includes headphone port
  • Internal key clip
  • Bright yellow lining increases internal visibility
  • Internal organization dividers
  • Diamond airmesh with anti-sweat DWR finish

Global Odyssi First Aid Manual Table of Contents (specifically written and researched for ocean/surf injuries)Kit Includes:
Basic Life Support1 Global Odyssi First Aid Manual
Allergic Reactions1 Suture/Syringe Medic Kit
Bites and Stings1 - 3oz. tube of Headhunter Rash Guard
Blisters3 packets of Oral Rehydration Salts (contains glucose, sodium and potassium)
Cuts, Scrapes, Wounds and Infections2 - 50” Rolls of Duct Tape by SOL
Eye Injuries1 bottle of 50 Water Purification Tablets
Fractures1 oz. Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel
Head Injuries1 – 1oz. tin of Surfers Salve
Rib Injury1 bottle of Wound Seal Powder® (topical powder that forms a seal over a bleeding wound)
Signs of Infection1 cold compress
Soft Tissue Injuries1 pair of wax earplugs
Submersion Injuries (near-drowning)2 pairs of non-latex gloves
Surfing in Tropical Climates6 alcohol pads
1 roll of 3m Transpore first aide tape
2 gauze roll bandages
4 gauze dressing pads
15 fabric band aids
10 butterfly wound closures
4 non-stick gauze pads
1 elastic bandage
4 motion sickness tabs
6 antiseptic cleansing wipes
8 anti-diarrhea 2 packs
2-4oz. water packets
8 electrolyte 2 packs
8 antihistamine tabs
6 Qtips
1 pack of cotton balls
4 non-aspirin 2 packs
9 povidone-iodine infection wipes
4 vinegar packets
1 pair of scissors
8 antacid 2 packs
1 pair of tweezers